Procedural fairness in competition proceedings


Ascola Preliminary Program Final Programme

Conference Outline


The 9th ASCOLA Conference will be held from the 26th to the 28th of June 2014 in Warsaw (Poland) in the Conference Centre of the Office of Competition and Consumers Protection in Warsaw (Plac Powstańców Warszawy 1)

Warsaw is easily accessible from all directions by plane (Chopin Airport), including a number of inter-continental routs, by train (Train Central Station) and by car.


The Conference will be held from the 26th to the 28th of June 2014. It will start on the 26th (Thursday evening) with a meeting of the board and a reception for all participants.

Call for Papers

The conference will be announced on the ASCOLA website with a direct link to a dedicated conference website providing immediate access to the Call for Papers. The website will contain also a straight forward form for the submission of conference papers & comments thereto provided in response to the Call for Papers. Direct contact links for CARS will also be provided.

Plenary sessions

The conference will start on Friday the 27th of June in the morning with a plenary session including:
– opening speeches
– key note speech

Four round table discussions concerning the specific procedural fairness guarantees will follow on Friday and Saturday morning’s plenary sessions.

Workshop on developments in competition policy

During the conference, a workshop will be organised on developments in competition policy worldwide. The workshop is meant to give ASCOLA members and other conference participants an overview of the most thrilling developments in competition law around the world as well as a possibility to discuss them. The workshop will allow interested speakers to present their comments on any topic of competition law which, in his/her opinion, has recently given rise to developments in their country or elsewhere in the world. As a result, submissions to the workshop do not have to relate to the theme of the conference.

The workshop might take the form of parallel sessions. This forum may allow ASCOLA members to apply in their home countries for financial assistance relating to the conference even if they present no paper on the theme of this year’s conference.

Organizing Committee

After the announced on the ASCOLA website, the conference organising Committee, chaired by the organising institution, will be established. Its task is to assist in the organisation of the conference.

Prof. Tadeusz Skoczny (CARS Director & Chairman of the Committee), Dr. Maciej Bernatt, Dr. Krystyna Kowalik-Bańczyk and Dr. Ewelina D. Sage represent CARS. Prof. Paul L. Nihoul (Belgium), Prof. Josef Drexl (Germany), Prof. Maurice Stucke (USA), Prof. Daniel Zimmer (Germany) and Dr. Rupprecht Podszun (Germany) represent the ASCOLA Board.

Selection of papers, speakers and workshop submissions

Papers submitted to the Committee will be published as ‘ASCOLA Conference working papers’ provided they are accepted by the organizing Committee.

Speakers participating in the round table discussions will be selected by the conference Committee with the highest standard in mind.

Workshop submissions will be subject to the evaluation process applicable to the papers on procedural convergence.


CARS hopes to be able to welcome about 100 participants during the Warsaw conference including at least 80 foreign guests and at least 80 academics, primary ASCOLA senior and junior members.

CARS will try to support academics from EU member States from Baltic countries, Central Europe and the Balkans as well from aspiring east-European countries to take part in the conference.

Travel and accommodation expenses

ASCOLA finances travel (flights/train tickets) and accommodation (hotel rooms) for the speakers participating in round table discussions. Other participants should take care of their own expenses. CARS will aim to negotiate a favourable deal with selected hotels on behalf of the participants.

Conference fees

CARS asks for the payment of conference fees for the participation in the Warsaw conference. The conference fees will provide CARS with funds to cover local organizational costs.

The total conference fee for ASCOLA members will not exceed 100 EURO; the fee for non-members will not exceed 200 EURO. Special discounts for junior ASCOLA members are possible. University of Warsaw academics and students are not required to pay the conference fees.

The payment of conference fees can be made via ASCOLA or the Sponsoring Charity of the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management.


CARS will aim to persuade public or private bodies to sponsor certain costs of the conference (eg. Thursday night welcoming event; catering during the conference; Friday dinner and the Saturday social program).

Social events

CARS will seek to offer a social programme for interested participants in particular on Saturday afternoon and night for those who wish to stay in Warsaw until Sunday.


As usual, selected papers presented during the conference will be published by Edward Elgar. The book will be edited by P. Nihoul and T. Skoczny.

Warsaw, June 2013