Travel & accommodation

Recommended transport modes

Transport to Hotel Gromada and Hotel Harenda from Warsaw Chopin Airport by
We recommend that you take a taxi (especially if you are staying in Gromada Centrum) – the transfer cost to central Warsaw is only about 40-50 PLN (10-13 Euro) and it takes about 20 min. There are three taxi corporations recommended by the Warsaw Chopin Airport. They are all stationed at the airport – just outside Arrivals
Elle Sky Taxi – +48.22.811.11.11. –
Super Taxi – + 48.22.578.98.00. –
Sawa Taxi – + 48.22.644.44.44. –

For those staying in Harenda Hotel it is also possible to take a BUS 175 Line (Linia 175) from Chopin Airport (Lotnisko-Chopina) via the Railway Station Warsaw Central (Warszawa Centralna) to Piłsudski Square (Plac Piłsudzkiego). Please leave at the one-before-last bus stop – called ‘University’ (Uniwersytet). Hotel Harenda is 100 meters away.

Transport to Hotel Gromada and Hotel Harenda from Railway Station Warsaw Central by
Use any the taxi corporations. E.g. these as from the airport.
Line (Linia) 175 (see above)

Recommended hotels

There should be no problem with spaces seeing as the location of the Conference has up to 40 hotels of different standards within a 300-700 meters radius; there are also a number of apartment houses nearby. We suggest in particular the two following options:

1. „Warszawa Hotel Centrum-Gromada” (700 meters walk from the University) which offers single rooms of three different standards:
– economic (**) – 260 PLN
– standard (***) – 290 PLN
– business (****) – 340 PLN

All prices include breakfast and there will be a discount for more than 10 rooms.

We pre-booked between 10 and 60 spaces. We must to give a clearer indication as to the number needed by 22nd of April although a might be able to extend the pre-booking.

Participants can book rooms individually quoting the password ‘ASCOLA Conference VF650’.

2. Hotel Harenda (**) is in closest proximity to the University (effectively outside its gate). It cooperates with the University and frequently houses its, also foreign, conference guests. Single rooms are priced at:
– night of 26/27 June: 365 PLN (with 15% discount for us), but + 25 PLN breakfast,
– night of 27/28 June: 365 PLN + 25 PLN breakfast
– night of 28/29 June: free + 25 PLN breakfast.

I could only pre-book 20 rooms but this is valid until the 26 May 2014. Participants can make their booking quoting the password ‘ASCOLA’.

Because of the free night on Saturday, this option is most advantageous to those who wish to stay in Warsaw until Sunday.

3. Today PLN prices could be converted to Euro as 1 Euro = 4,23 PLN.

4. Available in the ‘Hotels and accommodation’ section of the Conference website are links to English language sites of the aforementioned hotels as well as to three others – Hotel Bristol (*****) and Hotel Sofitel Warszawa (*****) which are 400 and 300 meters from the University respectively and the most basic, but perfectly safe Hotel Mazowiecki (*) which is 700 meters from the University.

5. In its navigator section, the Conference website provides active links to ‘CARS’, ‘Warsaw University’, ‘Warsaw’ and ‘Poland’.

Hotel Gromada Warszwa Centrum Harenda Hotel Mazowiecki Hotel Hotel Bristol Sofitel Warsaw Victoria Hotel